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Plug In Phrases

Over 1,300+ ‘fill in the blank’ phrases, snowclones and memes, with auto-alliteration, tags and categories.

Rhyme N' Replace

Instant rhyming replacement for matching words across 13,000+ hand-picked idioms, sayings and more. 

Visual Inspiration Board

Hundreds of recognised, proven visual frameworks, styles and iconic images. 

Ideas Wizard

Quickly pull the best ideas from all the major tools, in one place. 

Low Hanging Fruit

Instant Alliteration for the most proven idea frameworks.


Generate optimised seed words related to any topic or niche.

Perception Puns

Instant search across our entire database of phrases. 

Phrase Examples

Scan thousands of example phrases for quick inspiration.

Mutant Word Masher

Append and twist input words for quirky ideas.

Idea-O-Matic NEW

AI powered idea generation for ready-made ideas.

Function Replacement SOON

Advanced replacement options for laugh-out-loud results. 

Pro Features
Trademark Checker

Saved Ideas Automatically checked for trademarks in the USPTO Database

Originality Checker

Saved Ideas Automatically checked across Google and Product searches.

Airtable Integration NEW

Push your ideas to an airtable base, for easy exports and backups. 

Agency Features
Up to 5 Team Users
Custom Reports
API Access
Idealy Academy SOON
Email Support
Priority Support
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No way Jose! 

Idealy is perfect for anyone who needs original ideas, and needs them fast. 

That includes hand letterers, illustrators, art licensors, meme makers, joke writers, copywriters, creative and art directors...etc. 

Give it a whirl, and see how fun idea generation can be. 

We don't offer a free trial for Idealy - but we do have a (minimum) 3 Day money back guarantee. 

So sign up, have a play around, and if you're not satisfied you can get a full refund.

Yes! There's no tomfoolery here. You can cancel your subscription at any time, just by clicking a few buttons in your account. 

You'll also retain access for the duration of your term. 

Yes! We have an online community, a ticketing system, and email support - so you can get help in whichever way you'd prefer.

You'll also receive our exclusive training videos, to help you hit the ground running. 

Yes - Idealy is constantly being updated with new phrases, idioms, collections, visuals and features. 

All members receive all updates automatically, and at no extra cost. 

Yes! Plans can be easily upgraded or downgraded - and for annual upgrades just contact us when you're ready, and we'll handle everything else.

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