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Original Ideas, Instantly

Generate creative concepts, jokes and puns for any topic or trend
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Tested Positive For Tacos

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Say Goodbye To Bad Ideas

Tap into thousands of proven phrases, idioms and templates in seconds - and arrive at truly unique ideas for any subject or niche.

With Idealy, great ideas are just a couple of clicks away.


Spot That Winning Idea Before Anyone Else Does

Hop on trends quickly, and dominate the competition with concepts that really click. Idealy makes it easy to spot winning ideas that most people miss.

Your One-Stop Ideas Shop

Never Run Out Of Ideas Again

Generate, save, organise and manage your favourite ideas, all in one place.

With Idealy, you'll never have ideas block, and you'll always have a great new idea to work on.

HOW Idealy WorkS

More Ideas = Better Ideas

Idealy is built on a database of thousands of proven phrases templates, idioms, visual references, memes and more - hand picked from almost 10 years of experience.

Plug-In Phrases
Idioms & Sayings
Visual References
Ideas Saved

Give Yourself Idea Superpowers

Everything you need to start coming up with your best ever ideas...

Ideas On Tap

Real-time results with fill-in-the-blank phrase templates.

Instant Alliteration

Find the catchiest quotes and snappiest sayings.

Pun Generation

A built in pun engine to create rhyming puns in seconds.

Visual Inspiration

The most popular visuals and iconic images, hand-picked.

Tags & Collections

Pre-made collections help you find the perfect idea.

Related Ideas

Find associations between templates, for better results.

Low Hanging Fruit

Spot simple ideas that other designers miss.

Idea Examples

Every phrase comes with examples, to help you 'get it'.

Better Every Day

We're adding new data and templates all the time.

Since 2013, I've been collecting frameworks, phrases and visuals to help me spark that next great idea. All that data is now inside Idealy - now with exclusive tools that make idea generation easier and more fun than ever.

Michael Essek

T-Shirt Designer, Idealy Founder

Simple Pricing, No Limits,
No Surprises

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$54 /mo


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PAID annually

...includes FREE Bonuses!

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Got Questions?

We've Got Answers...

No way Jose! 

Idealy is perfect for anyone who needs original ideas, and needs them fast. 

That includes hand letterers, illustrators, art licensors, meme makers, joke writers, copywriters, creative and art directors...etc. 

Give it a whirl, and see how fun idea generation can be. 

We don't offer a free trial for Idealy - but we do have a (minimum) 3 Day money back guarantee. 

So sign up, have a play around, and if you're not satisfied you can get a full refund. 

See our refund policy for more details. 

Yes! There's no tomfoolery here. You can cancel your subscription at any time, just by clicking a few buttons in your account. 

You'll also retain access for the duration of your term. 

Yes! Just contact us when you're ready to upgrade, and we'll handle everything else. 

Yes! We have an online community, a ticketing system, and email support - so you can get help in whichever way you'd prefer.

You'll also receive our exclusive training videos, to help you hit the ground running. 

The only difference between our monthly and annual plans is the free bonuses. 

If you pay annually, you'll get everything in the monthly plan - PLUS Free access The Total Trends Toolkit Course (usually $199) and The Ideas Workshop Community.  You'll retain these bonuses for as long as you continue your subscription. 

Yes - Idealy is constantly being updated with new phrases, idioms, collections, visuals and features. 

All members receive all updates automatically, and at no extra cost. 


Have more questions? Contact us.

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